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W4 - Chiswick

We offer the widest range of services for dogs and other animals in W4 - Chiswick, this is our home! It will get your dog’s tail wagging to hear that we do it 365 days a year!

If you require something that is not listed in our services, please contact us, we always do our best to cater to all our customers’ needs.




A walk by itself may not be enough for your dog, so we offer full day care facilities. We collect your dog in the morning and deliver back in the late afternoon. Dogs spend the day in our daycare centre, being cared for at all times. They go for walks, play with friends, get cuddles, rest in the sunshine or munch a snack – generally having a great time.

Dogs are very social creatures and the experience of spending whole days with others is priceless for their mental and physical well-being.



Puppy training is the best way to make sure that you will have a confident, joyful, clever dog for life and will know how to communicate with them. We focus on basic command, socialisation, habituation, handling and common issues such as potty training, jumping and chewing. 

Our Certified dog trainer and behaviourist is committed to give the new owners all the tools so they can raise the perfect puppy. The philosophy behind our training is positive reinforcement. Our techniques are based on modern science and research, proven to be safer, more effective, have longer lasting results and don't involve fear, force nor pain.

We offer individual 1-on-1 courses as well as Group Classes, read more herePlease enquire for more details.



We collect the dog from a location chosen by you (home, office, relatives, etc.), take her/him for at least one hour long walk in the park full of playing, chasing other dogs and toys, cuddles and heaps of fun and exercise, and then deliver them back. We understand that each dog is different, so we cater to that and the walks are designed to accommodate dogs’ needs. We also never walk dogs in large groups ensuring lots of attention to your four-legged friend. Dogs can be walked on or off the lead, depending on your requirements. Please check whether we offer walks in your area by contacting us.

The fee is £14 per weekday walk and £16 on the weekends (subject to availability).



This is a service designed to help you transport your beloved pet to any destination. We use a professionally converted, dog friendly vehicle to minimise the stress of your pet. As animal lovers and pet-care professionals we are the best choice for your pet to travel safely and comfortably.

European / International Pet Taxi is available.



Our great passion, provided by WOOFSNAP. Please visit our gallery for examples. We offer photoshoots outdoors or at a full studio facility, for your dog(s) only or or a full family photoshoot. We can provide you with full variety of printed materials, ranging from mugs and stickers to full size wall canvases, etc – all showcasing your beautiful dog. Please enquire and share your creative ideas with us!



While you’re away we can feed your cat, clean the litter, collect your mail, make the house look habited etc. We always make sure your cat gets the so much needed cuddles while we’re feeding them.

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