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LondonWoof has to be the best organisation I have EVER dealt with. Never mind taking Charlie as a puppy and thus saving my carpets and wires and couches from his very energetic approach to teething...they are just consistently helpful, switched on, utterly reliable, caring and always go above and beyond what is asked of them. Charlie loves them and is so happy there..and therefore we love them.

A happy cockapoo running in the grass, hair blowing in the wind, at dog daycare
Happy white parsons terrier dog walking at dog daycare on the grass with a curled tail

I have been using LondonWoof for full daily daycare for a long time, and they are simply fantastic. 

The team are friendly and helpful, can usually accommodate any request. They are proactive and call me if they have noticed any issues with my dog. Their online booking system is easy to use and schedule services. 

My dog is a 14 year old parsons terrier, and he still gets excited when he is collected in the morning and comes home content after a day of exercising and socialisation. 

I love their use of social media, and the photos and videos that they post reassures me that he’s being well looked after.  

I would not use another doggy daycare - highly recommended. 

 I can honestly say I have never had a single bad experience. The service is impeccable! I came to London in 2011 with a 6 year boxer, Clyde, and LondonWoof supported us from our arrival until his passing at 14 years old. It did not end there though. When we got our next boxer, Evie, and LondonWoof was there again - puppy training, socialising, exercising, etc. Evie is ecstatic when she hears the LondonWoof van and I must admit it brings happiness to my day too. The best service I have ever experienced!
Happy boxer dog running through a field with her owners in the background in the park during a professional photoshoot

LondonWoof have been awesome for my dog Sammy to date. He absolutely loves it there - his entire body shakes when one of the friendly staff members collect him in the morning and he is shattered when he comes home after a day of play. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Good value for money & fantastic flexible booking system.
We cannot begin to recommend Gabor and LondonWoof enough for being such a remarkable, kind and fun second home for our miniature dachshund, Monty. He has been attending day care with them a couple of days a week from the age of 3 months and they have been incredible at providing regular communication / photos and little ‘school reports’, updating us on Monty’s behaviour anytime he has an overnight stay. It is an absolute joy to watch Monty being picked up by the team in the mornings – His excitement at seeing them and eagerness to head off on his adventures for the day is all the reassurance we need to know that he is as happy as we are with everything. Thank you Gabor and all at LondonWoof! 
Two cocker spaniels (chocolate and blond) dressed up in Christmas accessories witha blond girl at a dog photoshoot
Noel and Kenny
London Woof provides an absolutely first class service and I couldn’t be happier with them. More importantly, my dogs obviously enjoy their time there as I sometimes see them leap enthusiastically into the van to go off for their busy day with their dog pals. I really appreciate all the videos and photos posted online as these show me what my boys are up to. The service is very flexible and the online booking service is easy to use. It couldn’t be better! All the staff are great, but in particular I feel reassured to know that everything is safe and very well-organised in the hands of the wonderful team manager Gabor.
My dog has been loving LondonWoof since he was a toddler. He knows the place so well, from having been a 'day student', that there are no issues when he occasionally joins as a boarder. I never worry. At all. Everyone is so lovely at LondonWoof and it is obvious how much they love the dogs.
A majestick cocker spaniel resting at dog daycare - white and ginger
A smiling brown female miniature dachshund on the grass at doggy daycare in London
I have been sending my miniature daschund, Penny, to LondonWoof for day care for almost 3 years and I wouldn’t entrust her to anyone else.  As soon as I put her ‘day care’ collar on she knows its her LondonWoof day and waits patiently for her dog handler to collect her.  When they arrive its all furious tail wags and demands for belly rubs, which are duly given!  The staff are all so friendly (there is always a big smile) and Gabor is accommodating, professional and helpful at all times.  Penny had a run in with a large dog when she was a puppy and was seriously injured. I was nervous, at first, about putting her into an environment with other dogs when I couldn’t control the situation.  But, Gabor reassured me that LondonWoof would watch over her, make sure she was safe at all times and help her to build her confidence.
They really do care for and love the dogs they look after as if they were their own and I believe that Penny is now a much more confident and happy dog because of her weekly experiences at LondonWoof playing with the other dogs and humans and running around all day until she comes home exhausted and happy. I couldn’t recommend LondonWoof more highly. 
London Woof is one of our dog's favourite places in London. Our poodle/schnauzer mix Chester absolutely loves his time spent with the team and fellow pups at London Woof. We've used both the daycare and boarding service and couldn't be happier with the care Chester receives. He's always excited at pick up, returning home tired and happy after a busy day of play and walks. Gabor and the team are quick to respond and ultra helpful with coordinating Chester's care and visits to London Woof. I especially loved that Chester first did a couple of trial days to make sure he was a fit – where both his happiness and play with the other dogs was monitored. It was great to receive an update that our pup was fitting in wonderfully. Now, we can't imagine Chester going anywhere else for a day of fun or a holiday!
Tzar has been attending Londonwoof’s daycare centre for over 8 years and his excitement when the van picks him up, is a joy to watch. The team at Londonwoof are reliable, a safe pair of hands and absolutely mad about dogs. You can rest safe in the knowledge that your dog is truly looked after and more importantly loved.
Words can't describe how amazing and thoughtful Gabor and his LondonWoof team are.

I was initially very worried to send my little 12 weeks old English bulldog puppy in a daycare environment but equally knew how important playtime and socialisation are from a young age. Prior to Bruno’s first day at LondonWoof, the manager Gabor answered all my questions very thoroughly and my worries quickly disappeared on realising how experienced and kind the team is. They truly love dogs and would do anything for them. Gabor is exceptional and knows everything there is to know about the bulldog breed. A few weeks ago, our little Bruno was feeling unwell at home and unfortunately I didn’t react quickly enough. Bruno arrived at daycare and Gabor immediately took things in hands - our little pup wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Gabor.

Bruno is now 6 months old and he absolutely loves going there, he is SO excited when the team comes to collect him. We really appreciate the pictures and updates to let us know how he is doing. The Instagram account and the online booking system are both brilliant.

I cannot recommend LondonWoof enough to any dog owners. It is so important that doggies get playtime and socialisation and LondonWoof are truly the best. Bruno is such a chilled, happy and social pup thanks to them. It is also so nice to know that he sees LondonWoof as a second home and that he is 100% safe and well taken care off.

LondonWoof is just BRILLIANT!
Lola has been going to LondonWoof for the best part of two years and I can honestly say it is the best thing I ever did. Currently she goes three days a week and trust me if she could speak she would want to go there 7 days a week, no questions asked! In the morning when I get up and once she is fed Lola is up on the sofa looking out the window to see if the LondonWoof Van is arriving. Once she sees the van she goes mad and no matter what we try and tempt her with, all she wants to do is get out the door and into that Van! The guy that collects Lola is a star - Lola loves him more than she does me! When Lola arrives home In the evening she is exhausted! She absolutely loves LondonWoof.
Since the pandemic began I could have easily kept Lola home as there is always someone in the house but the reality is it would have broken her heart! At home we call LondonWoof “Lola’s school” and we think she now understands when we say at 6:30am on the relevant day “Lola you are going to school today” as her eyes light up. I can without a shadow of a doubt that all of the staff in LondonWoof are excellent and I have and will continue to recommend LondonWoof to any dog owner.
I see LondonWoof not just as “Lola’s school” but as a genuine extension of my house - they have as big a role in Lola’s life as I do and both Lola and I would be lost without them. I am 100% positive that Lola would not be as social only for her experience with LondonWoof.
Our pooch literally pees herself with excitement every time she gets picked up for daycare. If that doesn’t tell you how much she loves going then I don’t know what to tell you.
The LondonWoof team are extremely responsive, helpful, friendly and go out of their way to help you out. I’m so glad we found LondonWoof ❤️🐶
Words can't describe how kind and thoughtful the London Woof team are, how helpful and friendly, or just plain brilliant. Chester our Dachshund doesn't know how good he has got it. Thanks London Woof and we couldn't recommend you enough!
A cream miniature dachshund wagging his tail and walking around dog daycare
LondonWoof is the BEST! My husband and I moved to London from the US, and wanted to make sure our dog (Sterling) had an easy transition as part of the move, so looking for a doggy daycare was high on our list of priorities. We found LondonWoof, and the staff was absolutely lovely in answering all our questions and making sure we were comfortable before sending her for the first time. They took numerous phone calls and emails from us, with timely and thorough responses each time.
They arrange an "assessment day" where your dog is picked up and goes for daycare for the first time. You coordinate a day when you can be home to meet and greet the driver, and send your pup off to play. They bring your dog back a few hours later, and "approve" you for ongoing daycare and services. Once approved, you provide a set of keys to the driver, and the rest is like clockwork.
LondonWoof has a very easy to use portal which you can use to schedule new services (daycare, boarding, grooming, etc.) and maintain cards for payment, etc. They still answer emails promptly within business hours and are happy to take a call if you need anything at all. The driver is so incredibly friendly and sweet. I've been home a few times when my dog is being picked up in the morning, and she recognizes her driver and gets SO excited to head out with him. She comes home absolutely exhausted and happy every time.
LondonWoof has a Facebook and Instagram page, and occasionally our dog has her picture posted showing how much fun she is having. If you are within LondonWoof's service zone, I can think of no better daycare for your pup.
Happy smiling Samoyed dog with one eye Mika posing during a professional photoshoot.
Mika, Phoenix and Maui

A wonderful place for your dogs! I sent my large dog there for years, even when she lost her sight, and they took excellent care of her in all circumstances. My two young, small dogs enjoy it just as much and have gone twice a week since puppyhood. Highly recommend daycare and boarding services and the fantastic office staff.

LondonWoof is absolutely amazing! My golden retriever has had play days at LondonWoof several days a week for the past three years. She excitedly waits at the door for Angela to pick her up and comes home at the end of the day happy and exhausted! Gabor is quick to respond to any requests or questions I have and I never worry if Bella is well taken care of. Everyone there seems to genuinely love the dogs and make them a priority every day. Thank you LondonWoof for doing a great job and taking such good care of Bella and friends!
A happy white labrador retriever smiling with her teeth with dogs in the background at dog daycare
What can I say about LondonWoof, as any dog parent I was at first nervous to send my princess to a new daycare when we moved but I was put totally at ease as soon as I spoke with what I can say is the most caring happy team. Our Aurora has been attending 4-5 days a week, she has her best friend Angela who comes to collect her in the morning where she is taken to day care, she plays all day with all her lovely friends and comes home completely knackered! you can tell if your puppy loves day care, when Angela comes to collect (or any member of the team) Aurora wont even say bye to me she is straight away jumping and out the door!
LondonWoof also have behavioural help, Gabor the pack leader did raise some concerns about some of Auroras temperaments and with the help of lovely trainer Goncalo we have had some excellent 1 on 1 sessions. the change is remarkable, not just for her but us too. It is never easy to send your loved one away, but for us we both have full time jobs and need a reliable team to take care of her and I can not think of a better place she can spend her days. Gabor is always on hand for queries and concerns and the team are so flexible and helpful. If you are soon to send your loved one off to day care I urge you to go with LondonWoof as they look after each pup individually and really love your baby :)
Marmalade and Midnight
London Woof are simply amazing. We have two lovely, bouncy and mad setter puppies who went to London Woof 5 days a week. From the moment they were picked up to the moment they came home you could tell how excited they were to be going to see their friends and how much love they were getting there. Our puppies always came back happy and tired; it's what you want from a day care! Pick up and drop off is always on time, the dogs never come back covered in mud. What else could you want?

The moment I realised that they really loved their day care was when walking in the park one day; the dogs noticed one of their London Woof doggy friends and RAN across the park to say hi. One of the amazing team from London Woof was there too and my puppies were so so so excited to see him!

We have been sending our dog, Giorgia, to LondonWoof for many years, sometimes just for the day, sometimes boarding for few days when we are away. Excellent service and top attention to our dog needs. Additionally the guys picking her up and dropping her off have always been very trustworthy and extremely polite. I totally recommend LondonWoof.

Roo absolutely loves LondonWoof doggy daycare - always comes back exhausted from a day of playtime, walkies and fuss!

The team are super responsive, and very flexible around changing plans. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to invest in a furry friend whilst balancing work!
A majestic blonde cockerpoo on a dog photoshoot with wind in his ears at dog daycare
What a fabulous place for Baxter to visit every day!
He is collected and dropped off every morning, and he simply loves going off with Manolo and the other staff to meet his doggie friends. He comes back tired and happy.

The staff are amazing, and very responsive even if plans have to change at short-notice. The ability to do overnight boarding is also a great option when I need to travel for work.
Hayley and Zuca

LondonWoof is one of the best doggie daycare centres in London. We moved from San Francisco and we were seeking the same high level of service and attention that we received on the west coast. LondonWoof is very professional and responsive. We use them for overnight boarding and daily walks. Our dogs come back exercised and without muddy paws! Highly recommend LondonWoof. They are great especially Cesar the office "dog-father"!

London Woof are AMAZING! The lovely Manolo comes to collect our dog, Vinny in the morning and then drops him off at night. Vinny loves him he is so kind natured and fully qualified in first aid also!
He was on holiday last week and came to pick up Vinny again one morning, He opened the door and called for Vinny. When Vinny heard his voice he squealed with delight, wagging his tail and was like "bye guys see ya later I'm off to have some fun!" He was so happy to see Manolo, didn't care about us LOL! And fun he always has. He loves going to London Woof. And they take such good care of him for us, I am so grateful we found them (as we just returned from living abroad).

They are always so accommodating to help us out with last minute changes where they can, they really love their job and looking after doggies. We love them! Honestly, they are amazing and thank you London Woof for all you have done for us!

Your dog will be safe, well loved and looked after all day and night!
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