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We offer a wide range of services for dogs and other animals and it will get your dog’s tail wagging to hear that we do it 365 days a year!

For most services, we will need your dog to attend a trial day before we can promise you anything long term – we must be responsible towards our other clients.

£40 including collection and delivery
£45 on Weekends (No collections or deliveries)
Every extra dog in the household receives 50% discount



Daycare is the best place for your dog to socialise, make friends, play, learn and simply be a dog. Dogs are very social creatures and the experience of spending whole days with others is priceless for their mental and physical well-being.

We collect your dog in the morning and deliver back in the late afternoon. Dogs spend the day in our daycare centre, being cared for at all times. They go for walks, play with friends, get cuddles, rest in the sunshine or munch a snack – generally having a great time.

Daycare cost is £40 per weekday, that includes morning collection and afternoon delivery. On weekends, Public and Bank Holidays it’s £45, subject to availability. For giant breeds (Great Danes, Malamutes, etc), please enquire for price.


A cute miniature poodle girl in a dress looking up and licking her face in a freshly groomed haircut

Cuddling with your dog is one of the nicest experiences on earth. We strive to make that even more pleasant, making sure your pup is sparkling clean, soft, conditioned, de-fluffed and smelling of flowery fields. This service is offered as an optional extra during our daycare and boarding days.

We can also arrange for your dog to be groomed at a centre we are partnered with on the same day as daycare, saving you the hassle of booking, travel and time.

Comprehensive wash cost is dependent on size and type of coat, please enquire for price.



The philosophy behind our training is positive reinforcement. Our techniques are based on modern science and research, proven to be safer, more effective, have longer lasting results and don't involve fear, force nor pain.

We offer adult and puppy training, working 1-on-1 with you and your dog or Group Classes. We can help with most behavioural issues, related to your communication with your dog, behaviour in the park or anxiety.

We offer individual 1-on-1 courses as well as Group Classes, read more herePlease enquire for more details.



Dogs need mental stimulation, physical stimulation and socialisation, while we - their owners - love activities where we bond and strengthen our connection. Our solution - group training classes!


Taking place in our lovely indoor daycare in West London (W3), you can choose out of 4 different classes - 2 for puppies looking to be the best behaved pups on the block, and 2 for adult dogs looking to brush up on their tricks and learn some new ones. Learn more here.



Getting a new dog or a puppy is extremely exciting, but can also be daunting. Speak to one of our professionals to prepare for this incredible journey you are about to embark on. We will discuss how to prepare your home, how to  prepare yourself, how to make the very first steps and ensure that the experience is positive for both you and and your puppy. We will talk about fascinating aspects of dog psychology and biology, basic training skills, potential areas you may encounter troubles in, nutrition, stages of development, what to be ready for and how.

Consultation cost is £40 for 1 hour and can be done over the phone or Zoom.


Happy beagle shaking with his ears out in motion at doggy daycare in London

This is a service designed to help you transport your beloved pet to any destination. We use a professionally converted, dog friendly vehicle to minimise the stress of your pet. As animal lovers and pet-care professionals we are the best choice for your pet to travel safely and comfortably.


Glamorous cocker spaniel poodle mix on a professional dog photoshoot outdoors by the river Thames in London

Our great passion, provided by WOOFSNAP. Please visit our gallery for examples. We offer photoshoots outdoors or at a full studio facility, for your dog(s) only or or a full family photoshoot. We can provide you with full variety of printed materials, ranging from mugs and stickers to full size wall canvases, etc – all showcasing your beautiful dog. Please enquire and share your creative ideas with us!

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