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I start work early and don’t come back home until the evening, can I use your services?
Yes, most of our clients work full time. We hold the keys to our clients homes and collect/deliver dogs when they are not there.
Dog walker running in the park with a French Bulldog on a sunny summer day
A husky puppy looking inquisitively through colourful autumn leaves at dog daycare
Do I need to pay extra for collection and delivery?
No you do not – Mon to Fri morning collections and afternoon deliveries are included in the price, provided you live in the area that we cover. We can organise it outside of those times and area, however, that would be charged extra, please enquire.
My puppy is very small, is there a minimum age that you accept at the daycare?
Sending your puppy to a doggy daycare is the best thing you can do for it! Your pup will socialise from the very young age and learn “how to be a dog”, being exposed to other dogs will teach them vital social skills with other dogs and humans. There is no minimum age to attend our daycare, however puppy has to be fully vaccinated before being allowed in.
What does the day look like?
We collect dogs between 8.30-10.30am depending on your location. After they arrive at the daycare the fun begins! Some of the dogs stay there all day, playing with each other, some of them also go for a long walk throughout the day (we always start from NOT taking new dogs to the park so they get to know us and get used to being in our company, then it’s entirely up to owner’s decision – our daycare is unique in providing more than enough of exercise for most dogs). If your dog is a young puppy we might let him nap a few times a day, to allow rest and prevent him from exhaustion at the end of the day full of playing! We start deliveries after 4pm, this is the earliest you can expect your dog to be home.
Boerboel and French Bulldog playing together at dog daycare: big dog and small dog
Are you insured?
We are fully insured for any events happening due to our negligence, however injuries caused during normal dog interactions are excluded. This is why we advise to have an appropriate level of medical insurance for any incurred costs (Insurance is mandatory for puppies under the age of 8 months.
What sorts of dogs do you look after?

All shapes, sizes, characters and ages! Big ones, small ones, young ones, old ones… We look after and love them all. In order to join the daycare your dog must be social and happy in a collective environment. This is the most amazing thing about LondonWoof – you can be assured that your dog will be the most social dog in the neighbourhood!
A cute cockapoo in a coat licking his nose, standing on snowy grass, on a sunny winters day at dog daycare
What vaccinations are required to use your services?
Proof of up to date Core vaccinations (Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Adenovirus/Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Canine Parvovirus, Leptospirosis) is necessary when joining our daycare. Furthermore, even though it is not essential, we also strongly recommend Kennel Cough (Bordetella bronchiseptica) vaccinations.
My dog is not neutered, can you look after him / her?

Due to our social environment, we only accept uncastrated males until they reach puberty. Normally, that can be around 6-9 months of age, depending on the dog.
a group of dogs resting together on the grass at dog daycare: a vizsla, greyhound, pomeranian and poodle
Can I visit your daycare?
Absolutely! We are the best place for your dog and we are very happy to show it! Please use our contact form to book an appointment. Ad hoc drop ins are not allowed due to dogs’ safety and our neighbours’ barking concerns. 
Are there any aggressive dogs at the daycare?
No. Every single one of the dogs attending the daycare has to come for a trial/assessment day when they are closely observed so we can check whether he or she is a good match for the rest of our dogs and it does happen that we have to say NO.
maltese puppy inviting a big poodle to play at dog daycare on a sunny summer day on the grass
Do you accept females in season?
We would love to, but unfortunately all the boys go crazy and your girl would struggle to find peace!
So what do I have to do to start using our services?
Best way is to fill in our contact form, mention what services you are after and when would be the convenient date to organise the trial day (for daycare) and / or trial night (for boarding). You will hear back from us as soon as possible. We will send you a link to our registration forms which you will have to fill in before the first day. Please be aware that we will not allow your dog to come to our daycare without a proof of up to date vaccinations!
Doing what you do must be the best job in the world?!

happy man running with lots of dogs on a snowy day at dog daycare: cocker spaniels, cockapoos, labrador retriever, labrador, labradoodle
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