A group of dogs playing together at dog daycare on a sunny day: french bulldog, beagle, poodle

About us

We love animals and have been looking after them professionally for many years. We know how to provide services that will satisfy both you and your pet. The happiness of the dogs at LondonWoof is what makes us thrive - watching them socialise, exercise, play – simple pleasures that are a joy to behold which you'll see reflected in your dog's eyes when they come back home!

What makes us stand out from other Dog Daycares in London is that we truly love all dogs, regardless of size, fluffy or not, whether it be posh or a rescue.

Watch this mini documentary and it'll be evident that for our human crew, all this woofing work isn't just a job and that we genuinely care.

We know that being owned by a dog is a life changing experience and an amazing adventure. We pride ourselves on our experience and extensive knowledge of dog psychology, which enables us to help you build a healthy and happy relationship, lasting years.
We always strive to provide safe and trouble-free services, but in the unlikely event of anything happening to yours or someone else’s pet or property, we are fully insured for your complete peace of mind.
A labrador puppy playing at dog daycare in West London. Behind her other dogs are happily running, viszla, alaskan malamute, german shepherd

Are you thinking about getting a puppy?

We can assist with narrowing down the breed based on individual criteria and give you plenty of advice. Early socialising with other dogs is invaluable for your puppy’s development and stimulation – LondonWoof is the perfect place for that. You will witness your puppy growing into a sociable, friendly, healthy and fit dog. 


We will also be very happy to help with Puppy Training! Our qualified dog behaviouralist will help you get your puppy house-trained, work on basic commands and make sure your relationship and communication is off to a good start.


We work closely with Grove Park Vets, who provide us with advice and care for any dogs being looked after by LondonWoof.

My name is Paloma Diaz-Carretero and I am a partner at the Grove Park Vets. During the years the needs of both, pets and owners, have changed enormously. Now, we are busier but we still want to make sure that our beloved pets are properly looked after.

This is where  LondonWoof comes to the picture. They offer a professional and safe environment for dogs when their owners are away or simply busy.

It is important that dogs feel stimulated both mentally and physically. LondonWoof manages to provide a very secure and happy environment for their resident dogs .

I do not hesitate to recommend their services to my patients, not only for the care and genuine interest in the dogs in their care but also because they are aware of the need of prevention of disease through vaccination and anti parasitic control.

Furthermore, we, Grove Park Vets, offer constant support and advice to LondonWoof and its clients.

Paloma Diaz-Carretero MRCVS

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