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A group of dogs playing together at dog daycare on a sunny day: french bulldog, beagle, poodle

About us

The happiness of dogs at LondonWoof is what makes us thrive - watching them socialise, exercise, play – you will witness it too when your dog comes back home tired and happy!


Watch our Dogumentary to see why we love what we do.

Higher Standard

We are very proud of our premises and are extremely happy to announce that we have been rewarded a Higher Standard Welfare rating by the UK Animal Welfare Authority. We have received the extremely rare maximum 4 star rating. Our team very proud for all their hard work and maintenance of our stunning facilities. We feel thrilled to be recognised for the quality of services we provide to our clients.

A labrador puppy playing at dog daycare in West London. Behind her other dogs are happily running, viszla, alaskan malamute, german shepherd

Have you got a puppy?

Our Puppy Play Pen is the perfect place to socialise. 


If you're about to get a puppy - why not book a consultation to prepare for its arrival?

We also offer Puppy Training and Puppy Classes.


We work closely with Grove Park Vets, who provide us with advice and care for any dogs being looked after by LondonWoof.

My name is Paloma Diaz-Carretero and I am a partner at the Grove Park Vets. During the years the needs of both, pets and owners, have changed enormously. Now, we are busier but we still want to make sure that our beloved pets are properly looked after.

This is where  LondonWoof comes to the picture. They offer a professional and safe environment for dogs when their owners are away or simply busy.

It is important that dogs feel stimulated both mentally and physically. LondonWoof manages to provide a very secure and happy environment for their resident dogs .

I do not hesitate to recommend their services to my patients, not only for the care and genuine interest in the dogs in their care but also because they are aware of the need of prevention of disease through vaccination and anti parasitic control.

Furthermore, we, Grove Park Vets, offer constant support and advice to LondonWoof and its clients.

Paloma Diaz-Carretero MRCVS

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