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Daycare facilities at LondonWoof, lots of dogs running happily outdoors, playing and socialising: black poodle, french bulldog, beagle, viszla, cockapoo

Our daycare is the ultimate doggy playground, conveniently located in West London. There are many good companies in London offering similar services, none of them have facilities like ours, this close to dogs' homes.


We are very proud of it and would love for you to see it, so please get in touch if you would like to visit us or have any further questions about it. Daycare viewings are available in-person or via a video-call and must be arranged in advance. Ad-hoc drop ins are unavailable to ensure dogs' security. In the meantime, please see our gallery for more photos.

LondonWoof daycare facilities, outdoor play area, play pen with green grass on a sunny day. A staffordshire terrier cross dog smiling in the sunshine in London

Outdoor Daycare

Our outdoor daycare is a piece of land in Chiswick for our sole use. It is very secure, fully fenced off and secluded. A big part of it is shielded by a huge gazebo, giving the dogs access to shelter from rain or snow. Furthermore, we have a cosy house with sofas and dog beds for those much needed afternoon naps.

Indoor Daycare

Out indoor daycare is a beautiful space for doggies to socialise, get cuddles, build confidence and play with each other and our team. This is also the space we use for Agility Training, Dog Yoga, Puppy Classes, Training Classes and many more activities. Underfloor heating and excellent ventilation ensures the space is cosy and fresh for your dog to enjoy.

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